Aqua Frixio

aqua frixio water therapy massage treatment unit
aqua frixio water massage therapy bed operator panel

Equipment Specs

Lamps FSR Optional
Session Time Customizable
Breaker 110/220 V
Measurements 42.57″W x 86″L x 46.35″H
Recommended Room Size 9 ft. x 8 ft.
Shipping Weight 300 lbs.

Hydro Massage System

The World’s First Trackless Hydro Massage System Every “body” is different. That’s why we created customized massages. With our software being more customizable than ever, it will suit anyone’s preference. Your hydro massage experience can be defined by setting duration and intensity of each zone. The settings allow to adjust the AquaFrixio’s water temperature from refreshingly cool to soothingly warm.

Intuitive. Inovative

Our easy to use touch screen allows the user to select one of several pre-programmed massages: full, upper, and lower body

Every Body is Different

That’s why we created customized massages. Your massage experience can be defined by setting duration and intensity of each zone. Users can select the areas of the body you want to receive a massage.

The comfortable head rest may be removed in order for easy cleaning after several massage.
Marine Leather Cushion
The elegant, marine leather cushion not only looks beautiful, but is easy to clean in just seconds.
Rip Stop Under Sheet
The under sheet is made with a rip-stop material preventing items from damaging the AquaFrixio and it can easily be removed for cleaning purposes.
A stylish, exterior design encompasses 24 stationaryrotating massage points for the optimal experience

Trackless System
The AquaFrixio operates without atracking mechanism and other moving parts.
Adjustable Water Temperature
The temperature can be set from refreshingly cool to soothingly warm, it‘s your choice!

AquaFrixio Massage Settings

Preset & Custom Massages
Choose a preset massage or customize your own to fit your specificneeds for that session.
Integrated Media
Set the mood with some music! Relax and enjoy music while receiving your massage.

Smooth Zone Transition
The AquaFrixio transitions from one zone to another in a smooth, relaxing manner.
Anti-bacterial Surface
Anti-bacterial surface helps prevent the spread of germs while in use.
Low & Easy Maintenance
The tracking system allows for easy upkeep. The software will notify you if any maintenance is required such as adding water.
This online portal gives owners access to
important information and real-time events.
Owners have access to the newest features
with online updates.

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