Cocoon Wellness Pro

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Hyperthermic Conditioning Pod

The Cocoon Wellness Pro is the perfect addition to any beauty, wellness or fitness facility, combining thermal energy with an invigorating massage and aromatherapy for thorough rejuvenation and relaxation. The ergonomically designed pod assists with improving both physical and mental performance, quality of sleep, and aids in flushing excess water and toxins from the body.

Color LCD Touch Screen 4″ Display

Easy to use integrated touch screen.

FIT Bed Exercise System

Exercise while receiving an all in one wellness and spa experience.

Enriched Air

Enriched air helps the skin and body during the session.

Dry Heat System

Built in dry heat sauna system helps you sweat and remove toxins from the body.

Infrared Heat System

Built in infrared heat system penetrates the skin to help your body heal.

Cooling Facial Fan

Stay cool during your Cocoon Pod session with the built in facial fan.

Aromatherapy System

Aromatherapy system lets the user enjoy the overall experience during their session.

Mood Lights

Mood lighting makes the Cocoon Wellness Pod attractive in any environment

Vibratory Massage System

The Cocoon Wellness Pod offers a vibratory massage system to help in relaxation and recovery.

Ergonomic Contour Bed

The ergonomic contoured bed surface allows for maximum comfort.

Himalayan Pure Crystal Salt

Healing and purifying himalayan salt crystal is used to improve each session

Body Chamber

Full body chamber engulfs the user allowing for maximum exposure to all of the pods features.

TMAX Compatible



110/120V Amp Dedicated


Length: 89″ Width: 35″


Height Open: 84″ Height Closed: 39″

Shipping Weight

260 lbs.

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