FIT Body Wrap

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FIT Bodywrap

Infrared Heat Bodywrap

The FIT Bodywrap takes the meaning of body wrapping to a whole new level. This commercial grade infrared body wrap system delivers clinically proven, soothing and effective infrared rays to the body. These infrared rays help with a wide range of therapeutic benefits, including weight loss, detoxification, cellulite reduction, pain relief, skin rejuvenation, intense relaxation and more. The user-friendly FIT Bodywrap Controller allows for complete customization during a FIT Bodywrap session. Users control the time on each zone, as well as the temperature to the exact degree, allowing for superior comfort and effectiveness.

Weight Loss

Boost metabolism, burn calories, shrink fat cells, not just water weight loss

Pain Relief

Manage and relieve pain from: Arthritis & joint pain, sore muscles, fibromyalgia & more

Topical Aqua-Cosmetic Solutions

Re-balance digestion, boost your mood, improve skin clarify, feel better

.Cellulite Reduction

Rebuild collagen, reduce fat, tighten skin, reduce dimpling


Boost collagen production, minimize signs of photo-aging, improve skin elasticity, reduce fine lines & wrinkles

Mind / Body Wellness

Experience profound relaxation, lower stress levels, reduce anxiety, improve sleep quality

TMAX Compatible


Session Time

60 Minutes


110V / 15 Amp


83″L x 35.5″W x 48″H

Recommended Room Size

8 ft. x 7 ft.

Shipping Weight

400 lbs.

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