Level 6 Commercial Stand Up Tanning Booth

The Luxura V8 is the top-of-the-line stand up tanning booth for guests who want to skimp on time but not on their tan. The V8’s sleek design is complemented by the adjustable Ambient Flow Light and the units sound around plus feature. In addition to all the benefits of a high end stand up tanning booth, the Luxura V8 delivers superior tanning results in rapid 8 minute sessions.
Sound Around Plus
The Luxura V8 comes with pre-installed speakers, a subwoofer, and two extra internal music channels. Couple this with MyMP3 integration and your tanners will have an audio experience they’ll love!
Ambient Flow Light
Ambient Flowlight offers a nearly inexhaustible range of flowing colors, providing an extra sense of atmosphere.
XL Light
The XL Light extra long lamps, which have a length of two meters, ensure an even, all-over tan.
XSens Aromatherapy Mist
XSens aromatherapy distributes a wonderful scent throughout the interior of the bed, creating a pleasant atmosphere whenever desired. Available in 3 fragrances – Ocean, Blossom, and Sandelwood.


Lamps  48 x 200 Watts XL
Electrical Requirements  Three Phase Connection
Electrical Rating  230V 3~23A 60 Hz; 3 Pole ( 3 Hots 1 Ground)
Session Time 8 Minutes
T-Max Integrated  Standard
Quickstart Connection  Standard
Dressing Room  Optional
XSens Aromatherapy – 1 scent  Optional
QSens Body Mister  Optional
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