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Level 4 Commercial Tanning Bed

When selecting the best tanning equipment for your business, it’s possible to purchase a bed that meets your standards without over-the-top costs. The Luxura X7 has a sophisticated European style with features that will surely appeal to both you and your customers. The X7 tanning bed comes in a chic and shiny white, making it adaptable to any style environment, with attractive Ambient Flow lights for added details. With an internal or external timer option through Quick start and Tmax integration, this top class sunbed can be profitable in numerous business environments.

Sound Around Plus

The Luxura X7 comes with 4 loud integrated speakers and two extra internal music channels. Couple this with MyMP3 integration and your tanners will have an audio experience they’ll love!

Contour Plus

Feel the comfort of ContourPlus – the bed’s ergonomically formed surface, designed to follow the body’s curvature


With QSens, a gentle, naturally refreshing mist is sprayed across the body at intervals, keeping users feeling fresh as they tan


Climax, the Luxura air-conditioning system, ensures a pleasant temperature as you tan. A refreshing breeze – adjustable at different levels – gently touches body and face.

Canopy Lamps 24 x 160 Watts RUVA

Bench Lamps 18 x 180 Watts RUVA

Facial Lamps 4 x 400 Watts

Breaker 3 Phase-40Amp; Single Phase-60 Amp

Buckbooster 3 Phase-2*1.0 Kva; Single Phase: 1.5Kva

Poles 2 Pole – 220V (2 hots 1 ground; neutral needed for AC)

Session Time 12 Minutes

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