New Tanning Beds

Suntan Supply offers a variety of new and used tanning equipment including Luxura and more, at an affordable price. No matter the budget, we’ll assist our customers in choosing the equipment that best suits their needs. Our manufacturer-educated representatives have years of direct, front-line experience as well as extensive knowledge of equipment performance in the marketplace. Please visit our Prosun new residential tanning beds for home use - Prosun Jade and Prosun Sundream!



A perfect combination of form and function, the Luxura VEGAZ is an amazing design and powerful tanning performance.

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The traditional style of the X7, combined with enticing Ambient Flow lights, is sure to enhance the environment of your salon.

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The Luxura X5 is the mid-high level bed that serves superior tanning power. Equipped with standard professional-quality features.

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Dependable and traditional design matched with cutting-edge technology makes the X3 the perfect tanning bed for a new salon or business looking to expand.

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luxura x1

Each model is equipped with 32 120-watt RUVA XL lamps, with a 20 minute session time – perfect for keeping busy customers happy and facilitating quick a turnover.

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prosun onyx

The Onyx features a large, comfortable tanning surface, visual appeal and proven tanning power surpassing any other light commercial unit on the market.

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prosun jade

The ProSun Jade is the perfect commercial-grade home tanning bed for those users that want to tan from the comfort of their own home.

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prosun sundream

The Sundream UV canopy is a convenient and innovative way to tan. Use this tanning bed in a lay down, sitting, or standing position, which is great for limited space areas.

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Luxura V8

The perfect selection for salon owners looking for a high class booth that won’t crowd a small space.

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Luxura V6

User friendly touch screen controls coupled together with high output tanning lamps make the V6 model the perfect addition.

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Prosun V3

The V3 is the perfect selection for businesses that are breaking into the stand up tanning market or looking to add on a tanning service.

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Renuvaskin S4800

Advanced red light technology provides the highest standard of relaxation and will have your clients stepping out feeling radiant from head to toe.

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The RenuvaSkin S420 lets users create the perfect atmosphere with the adjustable body cooling system that keeps them refreshed during the session.

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Renuvaskin L3200

Customers can expect complete relaxation as they indulge in the innovative technology of ProSun’s red light system.

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Marketable to every demographic, this unique product is the ideal multi-functional spa and wellness experience.

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RenuvaSkin L12

The L12 Red Light canopy is a convenient and innovative way to get your beauty treatment. The canopy comes 95% pre assembled and only takes a few moments to set up.

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RenuvaSkin FSR

The RenuvaSkin FSR in stand-alone mode can be easily placed over any esthetician or treatment table, allowing salons to develop new packages for their customers.

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Cryo Therapy

Cryotherapy is a fast and healthy process that accelerates the body’s natural recovery while improving overall well-being and energizing the body.

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The AquaFrixio is the world’s first and only trackless system with 24 rotating nozzles in 6 stationary zones for the body

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Used Tanning Beds

UsedBeds.org is the industry leader in used tanning commercial and residential tanning beds including brands such as Ergoline, Soltron, Sundash, Luxura and much more.

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  • RenuvaSkin Full Body Stand Up Red Light
  • Luxura Vegaz
  • Luxura x1
  • Luxura x5
  • Luxura x7
  • Luxura v8
  • Luxurav6
  • Luxura x10
  • jade
  • onxy
  • sundream
  • v3
  • prosun

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