Luxura X 10 tanning bed with opened latch



Level 5 Commercial Tanning Bed

The Luxura X10 is the perfect Level 5 High Pressure Tanning Bed for your salon. As aesthetically pleasing as it is comfortable, the Luxura X10 is the perfect combination of sleek European design and powerful tanning performance. It’s ergonomically shaped reclining acrylic surface and refined upgraded features provide an incomparable tanning experience.
The Luxura X10 is boldly the most impressive bed in the Luxura line of tanning equipment. The spacious interior of this model joined with the Qsens cool body mist makes for the most comfortable tanning experience your customers can ask for. Coming in a strikingly sophisticated crystal white, the bed’s cool design is sure to fit any salon’s aesthetic appeal.
The X10 is the ultimate upgrade bed, the bed that tanners will line up to experience, and come back for again and again. Set this luxury bed in one of your upper level packages, or charge a fee for individual upgraded sessions. Though the X10 may appear large and intricate, the acrylic bench and canopy can be opened easily, making cleaning and maintenance simple for staff or technicians. If you want the absolute best for your salon and guests, this Luxura unit will give that to you.
Sound Around Plus
The Luxura X10 comes with 4 loud integrated speakers and two extra internal music channels. Couple this with SD Card and MyMP3 integration for your tanners to have an audio experience they’ll love!
With QSens, a gentle, naturally refreshing mist is sprayed across the body at intervals, keeping users feeling fresh as they tan.
XSens aromatherapy distributes a wonderful scent throughout the interior of the bed, creating a pleasant atmosphere whenever desired. Available in 3 fragrances – Ocean, Blossom, and Sandelwood.
Ambient Flow Light
This subtle color flow with a wide range of color options provides that extra luxurious touch to this piece of elite equipment.
Contour Plus
Feel the comfort of the Luxura X10’s bed – its ergonomically formed surface is designed to follow the body’s shape.
Climax, the Luxura air-conditioning system, ensures a pleasant temperature as you tan.
Canopy Lamps 26 x 160 Watt UV Lamps
Bench Lamps 20 x 180 Watt XL UV Lamps
Facial Lamps 4 x 520 Watt Facial Lamps
Breaker 3 Phase-50Amp; Single Phase-70 Amp
Buckbooster 3 Phase-2*1.0 Kva; Single Phase: 1*1.5Kva
Poles 3 Pole – 230V (3 hots 1 ground)
Poles 2 Pole – 230V (2 hots 1 ground)
Session Time 12 Minutes
Dimensions  90.5”L x 53.5”W x 61.4”H
Recommended Room Size  9′  x 9′
T-Max Integrated  Standard
A/C  Standard
Room AC Requirements  BTU 12000 A/C
Shipping Weight  1520 lbs.
Shipping Dimensions  91” x 54” x 75”
Quickstart Connection  Standard
Contoured Acrylic  Standard
SoundAround Plus Music System w/Bluetooth  Standard
SD Card System (Wellness, Studio, SmartVoice)  Optional
XSens Aromatherapy – 1 scent  Optional
XSens Aromatherapy – 3 scents  Optional
QSens Body Mister  Optional
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luxura x10 facial lamp
Exterior view of the luxura x10 d equipment
luxura x10 timer
Exterior view of the luxura x10 equipment
luxura x10 tanning bed open
Exterior view of the luxura equipment
luxura x 10 tanning bed facial lamps detail
luxura chrome logo
luxura x 10 tanning bed inside

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