Prosun Jade

A Jade Tanning Bed With Blue Light and Legs


32V Level 1 – Commercial Tanning Bed

The ProSun Jade is the perfect commercial-grade home tanning bed for those users that want to tan from the comfort of their own home. Combining strong commercial design and structure, the Jade has the largest tanning surface in the home tanning industry!
The 120V ProSun Jade comes standard with a digital timer that is easy to program and use. The extra-long body lamps give taller tanners the perfect exposure.
Enjoy a perfect 20 minutes of relaxation at home in your new ProSun Jade home tanning bed!
The ProSun Jade is an entry level tanning bed that delivers commercial-grade tans in a compact, easy-to-accommodate size. Combining stunning European design with the extraordinary results you’d expect from ProSun, the Jade is the professional tanning bed that is sure to become a customer favorite in just 20 minutes.
Canopy Lamps: 18 x 110W
Bench Lamps: 14 x 100W
Session Time: 20 Minutes
Recommended Room Size: 8ft x 7ft
Shipping Dimensions: 85″ x 42″ x 42″
Shipping Weight: 340
Dimensions: 83″L x 35″W x 47″H
T-max Compatible: Yes
Foot Fan: Yes
Electrical Requirements: Single Phase Connection
Electrical Rating: 120V~17A 60Hz; 2 Pole (2 Hots 1 Ground)
Breaker Size: 20 amp
View of the onyx jade timer machine fan
Onyx jade timer equipment overview
Exterior View of Jade Tanning Bed With Blue Light

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