ProSun Onyx

prosun onyx tanning bed
Onyx 32 20Min Onyx 32 15Min Onyx 32 12Min
Canopy Lamps 18 x 110 Watts 12 x 110 Watts, 5 x 80 Watts 12 x 160 Watts, 5 x140 Watts
Bench Lamps 14 x 100 Watts 14 x 100 Watts 14 x 100 Watts
Facial Lamps Not Included 1 x 400 Watt 1 x 400 Watt
Session Time 20 Minutes 15 Minutes 12 Minutes
Measurements 83”L x 35”W x 47”H 83”L x 35”W x 47”H 83”L x 35”W x 47”H
Recommended Room Size 8ft x 7ft 8ft x 7ft 8ft x 7ft
Shipping Weight 400lbs 400lbs 400lbs
Breaker 25 Amp 25 Amp 25 Amp
Buckbooster Single Phase-0.50 Kva Single Phase-0.50 Kva Single Phase-0.75 Kva
TMAX Integrated Yes Yes Yes
Adjustable Cooling Yes Yes Yes
XL Lamps Yes Yes Yes
Digital Display Yes Yes Yes
Sound System w/ MyMP3 Optional Optional Optional

The ProSun Onyx Series offers different models from entry level to Level 4 tanning beds.

The ProSun Onyx Series delivers commercial-grade tans in a compact, easy-to-accommodate size. Combining stunning European design with the extraordinary results you’d expect from ProSun, the Onyx is the professional tanning bed that is sure to become a customer favorite.

MyMP3 Integrated
The Onyx’s optional MyMP3 feature allows you to connect your MP3 player directly into the bed and listen to music through 2 high quality speakers + 1 built in Sub-woofer. Creating the perfect atmosphere for your clients!

XL Lamps
The ProSun Onyx Series provides the largest tanning surface in the industry for units of its class due to the Extra Long lamps that the bed offers.

Facial Tanners
Select one of our Onyx models that provides high output facial tanning and give your clients an additional feature they will enjoy.

Turbo Cooling System
The Onyx was designed with efficiency in mind, our innovative technology keeps your bed and users cool and provides you with an energy efficient unit.

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