Luxura V3 tanning booth


10 Minute, Level 4 Commercial Stand Up Tanning Booth

The ProSun V3 is perfect for those who feel uncomfortable in tight spaces, the new design allows for an open feeling and large front swinging door that can be left partially open while tanning. The open top generates a refreshing breeze and allows users to feel comfortable inside the unit. For a cooler session the V3 has a 4 speed body cooling fan that can be controlled directly from the digital display inside the unit.

This unit is the perfect selection for businesses that are breaking into the stand up tanning market or looking to add on a tanning service without having a large space available. The ProSun V3 can easily be controlled from the front desk ensuring a safe and easy operation. T-Max Compatible : The ProSun V3 comes with the option of connecting your external timer system at your business or being integrated into the unit itself, allowing total control of maximum exposure times for your clients.

The ProSun V3 is the perfect tanning booth for those looking to expand their services with professional tanning. The V3 comes in pearl white. With easy-to-open, space-saving doors that allow the V3 to fit in tight spaces, the V3 is the ideal tanning booth for a new tanning business. The V3 has extra long 1.9 meter lamps creating the largest tanning surface for stand-up booths in the industry of its class.

ProTech Bronzing Lamps

ProTech lamps are the longest lasting and most powerful lamps on the market. ProTech lamps come in 71” and XL 75” versions.

Easy Access Timer

The internal timer devices on ProSun beds are designed to be user friendly, allowing users to control the features from within the beds themselves.

Turbo Cooling System

Turbo cooling is designed to allow as much airflow as possible while still remaining energy efficient, lowering cost per session.
Lamps:  42 x 160 Watts XL
Session Time:  10 Minutes
Room AC Requirements:  BTU 6000 A/C
Recommended Room Size:  8ft x 6ft
Shipping Dimensions:  85” x 42” x 64”
Shipping Weight:  650 lbs
Dimensions:  90.2”L x 47.6”W x 61.4”H
Electrical Requirements:  Single Phase Connection
Electrical Rating:  230V~30A 60 Hz; 2 Pole (2 Hots 1 Gound)
Breaker Size:  50 amp
Buckbooster:  1 * 1.0 Kva
T-Max Integrated:  Standard
Adjustable Body Cooling:  Standard
Prosun V3 stand up tanning booth 10 minutes detail
Prosun V3 stand up tanning booth 10 minutes fan detail

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