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The new Hybrid beds from various manufacturers are becoming more and more popular in salons today. Their ability to offer simultaneous ultraviolet and non-uv tanning have changed the industry. REDSUN lamps now offer salons the ability to upgrade tanning units simply by changing out lamps.

In addition to exceptional tanning results through the REDSUN UV component there is a non-uv element that can invoke better looking and feeling skin over multiple sessions.

FDA compatible in most tanning beds.

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Upgrading Your Tanning Bed is Now as Simple as Switching Out the Lamps

Hybrid beds have been gaining popularity in both salons and homes. These innovative beds, offer the benefits of both ultraviolet and non-UV tanning at the same time, thereby revolutionizing the tanning industry.

REDSUN provides both high-pressure and low-pressure lamps for different types of tanning beds. They stand out from the crowd by offering simultaneous ultraviolet and red light in a single lamp, offering a unique tanning experience with each session. The good news is that most tanning beds are compatible with REDSUN lamps and comply with FDA regulations.


Upgrade Your Tanning Experience and Give Your Skin the Extra Glow it Deserves with RedSun Hybrid Facials.

RedSun Hybrid facials serve as an ideal complement to your existing RedSun lamps. These facials can be seamlessly integrated with your current tanning setup, offering an extra feature to your customers. These facials are available in 400/500 watt clip-in, 250-520 watt, and 600/800 watt plug-in options, providing a versatile range to choose from.

RedSun Hybrid facials are the perfect partner to RedSun lamps, taking your tanning to the next level

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