RenuvaSkin FSR

Facial Red Light System

The RenuvaSkin FSR is the ideal piece of equipment, bringing innovative red light technology to your business and allowing your customers to feel their most exquisite. This red light facial system is an option on our AquaFrixio hydro massage bed, giving customers the most transcendent spa experience available.
The RenuvaSkin FSR is the perfect solution for any business wanting to offer red light services that do not have the space for an additional room to hold a full body unit. The FSR can be used in combination with the AquaFrixio water massage therapy unit and operated off of the 21” touch screen display or it can be used separately and operated off of a 110v outlet controlled by the digital display inside the unit.
The RenuvaSkin FSR in stand-alone mode can be easily placed over any esthetician or treatment table, allowing salons to develop new packages for their customers. The FSR is most commonly used for facial treatment, but it can also be used in different areas of the body.  The FSR comes standard in pearl white, providing a clean and modern  look.


Intuitive. Inovative

Our easy to use touch screen allows the user to select one of several pre-programmed massages: full, upper, and lower body

Every Body is Different

That’s why we created customized massages. Your massage experience can be defined by setting duration and intensity of each zone. Users can select the areas of the body you want to receive a massage.


The comfortable head rest may be removed in order for easy cleaning after several massages.

Marine Leather Cushion

The elegant, marine leather cushion not only looks beautiful, but is easy to clean in just seconds

Rip Stop Under Sheet

The under sheet is made with a rip-stop material preventing items from damaging the AquaFrixio and it can easily be removed for cleaning purposes.


A stylish, exterior design encompasses 24 stationary rotating massage points for the optimal experience

Trackless System

The AquaFrixio operates without a tracking mechanism and other moving parts.

Adjustable Water Temperature

The temperature can be set from refreshingly cool to soothingly warm, it‘s your choice!

AquaFrixio Massage Settings

Preset & Custom Massages

Choose a preset massage or customize your own to fit your specific needs for that session.

Integrated Media

Set the mood with some music! Relax and enjoy music while receiving your massage.

Smooth Zone Transition

The AquaFrixio transitions from one zone to another in a smooth, relaxing manner.

Anti-bacterial Surface

Anti-bacterial surface helps prevent the spread of germs while in use.


Advanced Red Light Technology

Red Light technology provides a new service to your customers that helps them look and feel their best.

Full Body Exposure

The RenuvaSkin FSR can be easily adjusted and moved to cover any part of the body. Develop a facial treatment package or allow customers to focus on specialized areas of the body.

Dual Wellness Services

The RenuvaSkin FSR can be fully integrated with our AquaFrixio water massage unit and allow users to enjoy two services at once. The Integration allows the user to control their massage session and the red light system directly from the touch screen display.

Digital Timer Display

When used in stand-alone mode the FSR comes with a digital display that allows users to easily start their session and see the remaining session time.

Dual Hours Counters

Easily Check the hours on the lamps through the digital display to ensure optimal output.

Space-efficient Design

The FSR is a portable system that can be moved above any treatment table when needed. The small design allows the unit to be stored within the room when not in use.

Return Customers

The Red Light sessions allow businesses to create packages that keep customers coming back. Recommended packages can include sessions 3-4 times a week over the first months, followed by continued weekly maintenance sessions.

New Services

Red Light Treatment is becoming increasingly popular and will attract a new customer base to your business. Offer creative new membership packages that generate revenue.

Visible Results = Return Customers

Develop packages that create optimum output for customers and develop a loyal customer base.


Lamps: 24 x 25 Watt Red Light
Session Time: Customizable
Breaker: 110/220 V
Measurements: 41.8″W x 68.6″H
Shipping Weight: 150 lbs.
Screenshot 2022-08-01 at 17-02-18 RenuvaSkin FSR Red Light Canopy Red Light ProSun Int
Screenshot 2022-08-01 at 17-03-08 RenuvaSkin FSR Red Light Canopy Red Light ProSun Int

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