RenuvaSkin L3200

renuvaskin 3200 red light therapy bed

Equipment Specifications

Canopy Lamps 16 x 110 Watt XL Red Light
Bench Lamps 16 x 100 Watt Red Light
Session Time 15 Minutes
Measurements 90.2”L x 47.6”W x 61.4”H
Recommended Room Size 8 ft. x 9 ft.
Shipping Weight 675lbs
Breaker 3 Phase-25 Amp; Single Phase-25 Amp
Buckbooster 3 Phase-2*0.5 Kva; Single Phase-1*0.5 Kva
TMAX Integrated Yes
Quickstart Function Yes
Adjustable Cooling Yes
Ambient Flowlight Yes
XL Lamps Yes
Sound System w/ MyMP3 Yes
renuvaskin red light therapy with woman in bikini

Full Body Lay Down Red Light Bed

The RenuvaSkin L3200 red light bed makes it effortless to bring the spa to your business. Customers can expect complete relaxation as they indulge in the innovative technology of ProSun’s red light system. With the optional music system you can create the perfect atmosphere for your sessions. Marketable to benefit every demographic, the RenuvaSkin L3200 will bring an entirely new level of spa services to your business.

Advanced Red Light Technology

Red Light technology provides a new service to your customers that helps them look and feel their best.

Full Body Exposure

The RenuvaSkin L3200 is a full body red light bed, allowing users to get full body treatment.

Adjustable Body Cooler

The Adjustable body cooling system allows users to easily adjust the fan speed to create a comfortable atmosphere throughout the session.

T-Max Integration

The RenuvaSkin L3200 comes standard with T-Max Integration, allowing users to easily bypass the delay time and start the session from inside the unit. With the T-Max integrated in the decoshield of the unit, the business still has control of the exposure time by having the control timer located at the front desk.

SoundAround with MyMP3

Add on the SoundAround with MyMP3 feature to your RenuvaSkin L3200 and allow users to enjoy their own music during the session. The system easily integrates with the users cell phone or MP3 device and plays music through the sound system.

XL Lamps

The RenuvaSkin L3200 has the largest exposure surface in the industry for units in its class, this is due to the XL lamps that are located in the canopy portion of the unit. The lamps provide the optimum output for a 15 minute session.

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