Replacement Facial Lamps

Our lamp experts will get you up and running as quickly as possible with replacement facial lamps.

400 500 watt facial bulb

400-500 Watt Clip-in

500 to 650 Watt Clip in Facial Lamp

500-650 Watt Clip-in

800 watt clip in facial tanning bulb

800 Watt Clip-in

300 520 watt facial bulb

300-520 Watt Plug-in

250 Watt Plug in Facial Lamp on White Background

250 Watt Plug-in

600 watt plugin facial tanning bulb

600 Watt Plug-in

800 to 1000 Watt Plug in Facial Lamp

800-1000 Watt Plug-in

1530 watt plug in bulb

1530 Watt Plug-in

2000W wire lead

2000 Watt Wire Lead

800 watt facial

800 Watt Wire Lead

1400 wire lead facial bulb

1000-1400 Watt Wire Lead

400 500 wire lead facial bulb

400-500 Watt Wire Lead

wire lead facial bulb

800-1000 Watt Wire Lead

Replacement Facial Lamp on White Background

620 Watt Wire Lead

26 watt quad tanning bulb

26 Watt Quad

Sundash HRF Facial bulb

Sundash HRF

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