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renuvaskin red light therapy unit open

Full Body Red Light Exposure

The RenuvaSkin S4800 is a full body red light bed, allowing users to get a full body treatment. The Booth allows users to stand and get an even exposure throughout.

renuvaskin 3200 red light therapy lay down bed

Full Lay Down Red Light Bed

RenuvaSkin L3200 red light bed makes it effortless to bring the spa to your business. Customers can expect complete relaxation as they indulge in the innovative technology of ProSun’s red light system.

aqua frixio water therapy massage treatment unit

Hydro Massage System

The Aqua Frixio is the World’s First Trackless Hydro Massage System Every “body” is different. That’s why we created customized massages by setting duration and intensity of each zone.

therasauna infrared sauna for four persons

Commercial Infrared Sauna

The deep penetrating heat of TheraSauna® dilates blood vessels, bringing relief and healing to muscles and joints. Increased blood circulation relaxes muscles and provides greater flexibility and range of motion. A far infrared sauna is an investment in a healthier lifestyle.

Titan cryotherapy unit cold therapy

Titan Cryotherapy Cabin Features

Whole Body Cryotherapy is a 100% safe and natural modality, where individuals have experienced a decrease in inflammation, increase cellular survival, reduced pain and simply feel their overall health has improved.

cocoon wellness pod with woman

Hyperthermic Conditioning Pod

The Cocoon Wellness Pro is the perfect addition to any beauty, wellness or fitness facility, combining thermal energy with an invigorating massage and aromatherapy for thorough rejuvenation and relaxation.

fit bodywrap unit

Infrared Heat Bodywrap

The FIT Bodywrap takes the meaning of body wrapping to a whole new level. This commercial grade infrared body wrap system delivers clinically proven, soothing and effective infrared rays to the body.

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