Replacement Tanning Lamps


Our lamp experts will get you up and running as quickly as possible with replacement tanning lamps and bulbs from manufacturers like Wolff Systems featuring the GoldenBronze and Master Bronze brands, Cosmedico, SolarBronze Light Sources, REDSUN and others.

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RedSun Hybrid Lamps

The ability to offer simultaneous ultraviolet and non-uv tanning has RedSun tanning lamps changing the industry!

Wolff System Lamps

Engineered to provide considerable UVB & UVA The GoldenBronze tanning lamps is designed for immediate color results.

SolarBronze Lamps

The SolarBonze tanning bed lamps have a considerable UVA and UVB designed for the perfect color everytime.

Cosmedico Lamps

Cosmedico tanning lamps, high quality, great value. Perfect match for most tanning beds.

Facial Lamps

Various styles of facial lamps. Clip-in, Plug-in, Wire Lead

Lamp Maintenance

Some important things to know when caring for your equipment’s tanning lamps:

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