Luxura Vegaz

Luxura Vegaz tanning bed

Luxura X10

Luxura x10 tanning bed

Luxura X7

Luxura x7 tanning bed

Luxura X5

Luxura X5 tanning bed

Luxura X3

Luxura X3 tanning bed

Luxura X1

luxura x 1 tanning bed white

Luxura V8

Luxura V8 tanning booth

Luxura V6

Luxura V6


renuvaskin 4200 red light therapy standup bed

RenuvaSkin L3200

renuvaskin 3200 red light therapy lay down bed

ProSun Onyx

prosun onyx tanning bed

Aqua Frixio

aqua frixio hydro massage therapy bed with woman

Cocoon Wellness Pro

cocoon wellness pod with woman

Cryo Therapy

Titan cryotherapy unit cold therapy


TheraSauna Infrared Sauna by ProSun

FIT Body Wrap

fit bodywrap unit

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